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Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Photoshoot Sharing

Hell Girl Ai Enma cosplay

Hello, cosplay lovers:) I am a Hell Girl Ai Enma fan and i find a beautiful Ai Enma cosplay photo when i am collecting some information for my Ai Enma cosplay. I seem like seeing a elegant Ai Enma from this animation when i saw this cosplay photo at my first sight. Do you think so?


Hell Girl Characters Group Cosplay

Hell Girl cosplay

Hell Girl cosplay1

Characters Group: Enma Ai and Ren Ichimoku of animation Hell Girl—Waitting

Cosers/ Submitter: Ayi and Tin
Photographer: Quiela Sandel
Cosplay Lightspot: Photographing sceneary and cosplay costume

My Comment: I must admire that the photographing sceneary background of this cosplay is so beautiful and attractive. I like the quiet feeling that this set of cosplay photos give me—so comfortable. So you need add some lightspot for your cosplay, for example, you can use some unique accessories which can help people know which character you are cosplaying or just like this coser, picking a good photographing place for your cosplay.

Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay

Hell Girl cosplay

Ai Enma from animation Hell Girl

Coser: Ecila
Photographer: Tim Fowl
Cosplay Lightspot: The whole photographing background arrangement

P.S. Do you think this coser is so beautiful and cute? I like her very much—she shows us a beautiful and cute Ai Enma—who is cold in the animation. I like her Ai Enma Japan traditional costume and look more elegant with the decoration of these beautiful flowers.

Hell Girl Ai Enma Cosplay

Hell Girl Ai Enma cosplay

Ai Enma from animation Hell Girl—-Jigoku Shoujo

Coser: Suyorumi
Photographer: Linsey
Cosplay Lightspot: her facial expression—cold

P.S. I like the whole feeling of this cosplay photo—mysterious and quiet. The coser’s facial expression show out the Ai Enma’s personality well and it is well fit for the weather. So you need to pay attention to the weather(fit for the character in one plot’s psychology) and the photographing place when you decide to cosplay some characters.

Hell Girl Enma Ai Cosplay

Hell Girl Ai Enma cosplay

Enma Ai from Manga Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl)

Coser / Submitter: Alexia-Muller
Photographer: Eva
Cosplay Lightspot: photographing background and her Enma Ai dressing style.

P.S. I like this Enma Ai cosplay very much—-so beautiful and elegant. I know she is cosplaying Enma Ai when i see her long black hair and her red big eyes. So you need to apply yourself some suitable make up—just make yourself arrive some special effect that you originally can’t have as the character you will cosplay—your eyes color, unique hairstyle, some special body tattoo and so on.

Jigoku Shoujo Character Group——Hone onna and Ai Emma Cosplay

Jigoku Shoujo cosplay

Hone onna and Ai Emma from animation Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl)

Cosplayers / Submitters: Aoi and Yoru
Photographer: Ebio
Cosplay Lightspot: their attractive traditional Japanese clothing

P.S. I like the two cosers’ Japanese traditional clothing very much—they are so beautiful and attractive! The photographing background arrangement is also so special! I think you can wear the same special costumes of the characters you will cosplay—-thus character will has several kinds of costumes in the animation and you should pick one which is unique. This will help you have many attentions!

Hell Girl Cosplay

Hell Girl cosplay

Ai Emma in animation Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl)

Cosplayer / Submitter: JiangYou
Photographer: YangGuang
Photo Lightspot: The fog make the coser show us a mysterious Ai Emma

P.S. I am attracted by this Ai Emma cosplay photo when i see it because it gives me a mysterious feeling—-this is also the Ai Emma of the Hell Girl shows people. So you need to create an mysterious atmosphere when you are cosplaying Hell Girl—Ai Emma.